Nicki came and assessed Edward when he was 3 years old and had a significant speech delay. Right from the start, Nicki's warmth and patience had a very positive effect on Edward who being a typical boy didn't like to sit still for long. However, Nicki's approach worked wonders for Edward with different games each week to capture his attention. Very quickly there was an improvement in Edward's speech and blocks of therapy meant he had time to assimilate what he had learnt. We saw Nicki for blocks of therapy from September to July, and at the last assessment Edward's speech was following the normal development pattern and was nearly there- just in time him to start school.

Thank you Nicki for your help, care and attention. I had no previous knowledge of speech therapy and you made it fun as well as teaching Edward. I will always remember how thrilled I was the first time he said 'yes please' properly and was understood by other people!

Julia, Edward’s mum.

At the age of 9 months my son Ben was involved in a very serious car accident. As a consequence of his injuries his problems are many and varied, but the one he has most difficulties with is Speech & Language. This affects not just the physical ability to speak but difficulties with word finding, comprehension and ability to use and understand language in social situations and everyday life.

Nicki was Ben’s first Independent S&L Therapist, working with him from when he was aged 7. At this time we were still getting to grips with the consequences of Ben’s accident and his injuries. Nicki identified the specific problems Ben had and started the rehabilitation programme with great effect.

Nicki is one of those rare individuals who are wonderfully personable, very organised yet professional at the same time. Nicki has had such a positive input into Ben’s rehabilitation that without her involvement and advice he would not have made such amazing achievements.

My only regret is that Ben didn’t go to Nicki sooner !

Julie, mum to Ben

Thank you so much Nicki for all your help, and continued support for our son Lucas. We really don't know what we would've done without you. You were always at the end of the phone, if we had a 'wobble', showing care, understanding and patience. You are truly gifted in your field of expertise.

Lucas’ mum

Nicki has been an excellent speech and language therapist for my autistic client. She is innovative with her ideas and strategies which have led to my client understanding language and communicating with others. Nicki is an excellent practitioner who is always striving to succeed and never gives up until a method works.

Kirsty Rose, Autism Practitioner

When we started seeing Nicki my 3 year old son Charlie had been diagnosed with severe speech delay. When Nicki came to our house she was very warm and friendly and Charlie took to her straight away. Nicki made an initial assessment and told me that Charlie was 18 months behind where he should be, which made my heart sink. Nicki continued to come and work with Charlie and taught me how to work with him too... The day he said "Mum" in the right way was completely overwhelming, at last progress! He was getting it! This was all thanks to Nicki. His therapy continued for around a year and he progressed enormously. Towards the end and as Charlie got better and better we saw Nicki less. When Nicki conducted her most recent assessment, and told me that he is at the level he should be, and will have no problems settling in at school, it was a massive relief. I was so proud of Charlie! But without Nicki's help and support this would not have been possible. I would highly recommend Nicki to anybody who is in need of speech and language therapy of any level. I am now happy and confident that Charlie will start school in September at the level we are happy with. Thanks Nicki, you’re a star x x

Kelly, mum to Charlie

I really enjoyed this Elklan course and look forward to the next one. Thanks for imparting so much vital information in such a passionate inspirational way. Your enthusiasm in your subject and interest in each of your students as individuals is so encouraging. We are eager to attend sessions and learn more, in order that we can give even better speech and language interventions to the children in school. Thank you.

Mary, Learning support assistant

I began my ELKLAN training accredited level 3 in 2010 with a colleague. Nicki was a fantastic tutor-we learnt so much and I was able to apply this within my setting. It was informative and easy to cascade to the rest of my team. I am now speech and language co-ordinator at my setting, using the tools that Nicki enabled us with. Nicki gave me the confidence to undertake an evaluation of our setting, enabling us as a team to reflect upon our practice and therefore improving outcomes for our children and their families. We have also had the pleasure to work with Nicki when she came to work with a child and their family. Nicki was amazing - she provided us with materials to use, advice for both home and setting and reassurance that what we was doing was right for the individual child. I use Nicki's materials almost on a daily basis with all the children in our setting. Thanks for all your hard work!

Leander, SENCo

We have found having the input of a speech and language therapist at secondary level invaluable in terms of strategies for the classroom as well as providing a deeper understanding about speech and language.

Lindsay, Learning Support Manager

Young Family