Services for families

My focus in working with families across Colchester and Clacton is to offer an approach which is professional, individualised and tailored to your specific needs. Appointments can be offered in your own home or at school or nursery.

Free telephone consultation

Call me to discuss your concerns and to find out more about how Therapy Solutions can help.

Initial consultation – £120

This is a longer consultation (60-90 minutes) where I will discuss your child’s development, current difficulties and assess their communication through discussion, observation and assessment (formal and informal).

Regular and review therapy appointments £70-£90 (dependent on length and complexity)

Regular therapy or review appointments will be suggested where necessary. Frequency will depend on child and family need. To maximise effectiveness therapy is carried out with a carer so that work can be practised at home.

Assessment and therapy sessions include time for feedback, discussion and updating children’s programmes as well as the individual time spent with the child. The fee includes preparation time and resources for the session.

Reports – From £70 per hour

The average report takes approximately one hour. Estimates can be given for more complex reports. Clients will be advised of specific cost in advance.

Meetings and other services – £70 per hour

This includes services such as attendance at annual review meetings, preparation of school programmes, programming hi-tech communication aids and preparation of symbol resources

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