Colchester, Clacton Speech and Language Therapist - Nicki

About Nicki

I am the Principal speech and language therapist at Therapy Solutions. I qualified in 1991 and have over 25 years of experience working independently and as part of the NHS in Nottinghamshire and Essex. My work has included work with babies, children and young people in Children’s Centres and clinics, nurseries, primary and secondary schools and a specialist college.

I specialise in early intervention with young children who have difficulty speaking throughout Colchester and Clacton. This includes support to children and young people with special needs including comples needs and physical disabilities.

I work in many of our local schools providing regular therapy, resources and advice. I work through programmes with staff and children to make sure staff feel confident in what they are doing so children get the most from their sessions.

Through Therapy Solutions I aim to provide an effective personalised service to meet the needs of children, families and schools.

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